Priyank and Kriti become first in family to read & write

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July 5, 2019

Priyank*, 8 years old, recently graduated from Std 3 Gyanshala in Farrukhabad. His favourite subject is English. Priyank has a younger sister, Kirti* (6 years old), who also studies in E&H foundation funded Std 2. Priyank and Kirti have two younger brothers; Dev who is 3 years old and youngest, who is 4 months old. The family is yet to name their youngest born.

Kirti goes to School for the first time

Kirti has never been to any other school before she joined E&H Foundation’s Gyanshala classes and is quite fascinated with her new life. She likes going to class and is especially fond of her teacher. She looks up to her brother for any support, often seeking his advice and feedback on her Maths problems, as he is exceptionally good at it and is two grades ahead of her. Ever since Kirti started attending classes since 2018, her parents feel she has become more active and talkative at home, often reciting poems at home. Kirti’s teacher feels it’s too early to comment on her progress, since she has been enrolled only last year, but she believes Kirti to be a quiet, energetic and observant student, often eager to understand, learn and ask questions.

Priyank becomes the first in his family to read and write at grade level

According to his class teacher, Ms. Roji Shakya, Priyank has exceptional aptitude for logic and reasoning. He is an acknowledged scholar of his class, often finding his own way to solve questions, sometimes even leading his teacher and peers to see his method of finding answers, always challenging the status-quo in class.

Priyank’s mother, Reeta, has never been to a school and neither his father, Harish Chand has had any prior education. Harish works as a wage labourer and earns somewhere between 200-250 per day. Priyank’s grandmother, Khoobkali, although never been to school herself, often encourages him to be regular with his school work and classes.

Priyank is extremely fond of playing car games on his father’s mobile and takes pride in outperforming his sister. Priyank and Kirti can often be spotted walking to their classes, hand in hand, being each other’s support system. Being two-years senior to Kirti, he also helps her with homework and learning her lessons.

Being the only one in his family to read and write efficiently in Hindi, Priyank can often be spotted reading the daily news to his family from the local newspaper. He feels that E&H Foundation classes have given him a lot of confidence and have made his base stronger than most of his friends in the basti.

Continuing the dream of achieving quality education for Priyank and Kirti

In the locality where Priyank and Kirti live, classes only run till Std 3. The children and their parents have huge dreams for their future and wish to continue their education. While Kirti will continue with E&H Foundation classes for the next two years, the family plans to enrol Priyank in either the nearest government or private school. Currently, the field team is assisting Reeta and Harish with streamlining Priyank into the education system.

“I feel private schools are more efficient than government schools, but I am open to change and I am looking forward to getting into the system and continuing learning”, says Priyank.

More support is needed from like-minded donors to continue providing education to kids like Priyank and Kirti and continue supporting the cause of quality education.


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