• Empowering Young Minds to Dream Big through Quality Education
    Ishita* is 10-year-old girl in class 3 of Gyanshala in Farrukhabad. Ishita is one of the students that has benefited immensely from our programme. Like most of her classmates...
  • Kavita and Pallavi find New Hope Everyday
    Sister duo Kavita* (8 years) and Pallavi* (11 years) (names changed) both study in E&H Foundation run classes in Std 3. They live in Farrukhabad with their mother, Satyavati, father, Guddu and elder brother, Atul along with three goats.
  • Priyank and Kriti become first in family to read & write
    Priyank*, 8 years old, recently graduated from Std 3 Gyanshala in Farrukhabad. His favourite subject is English. Priyank has a younger sister, Kirti* (6 years old), who also studies in E&H foundation funded Std 2.